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Hi all! My first post so take it easy on me! 

Thanks for the awesome forum. I'm TK, lover of watches and tinkering. 

I recently acquired a Seiko Solar, SSC017 chronograph. 

Now I'm personally not a fan of chronos and actually, funny enough, sold this exact model not 6 months ago because it didn't get any wrist time. 

But this came up on marketplace as not working, and it looked clean enough so I bought it for $50. 

It was actually an extremely easy fix to get it running again, simply reset the solar by holdi down the Chrono pushers for a few seconds. I had to remove the movement in order to push the pusher buttons, why you'll read below.  

Now the bigger problem that I have, and I'm quite certain it was not the reason this little girl sold it, is that the top chrono pusher, see the picture but you know the kind that you have to unscrew in order to use it? Well I found out when I went to reset the Chrono that the pusher works fine, it's just that locking collar is stripped, it turns very stiffly but it will not actually unscrew to enable me to use the pusher. So while I have everything else working fine and I actually have the pusher removed, I'm stuck at being able to remove locking collar from. I'm assuming the threaded tube. Sorry if this is long-winded. I will include any pictures if somebody requires them. I'm just trying to figure out what to do next. I could take it to my Seiko dealer but I lost all confidence in him and regardless I'd like to do it myself if it's possible.

Again, thanks for the add and thanks for any help you can offer. 



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