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I googled but can't find any docs related to the citizen 8620a crystron movement. It is a battery-operated quartz caliber (not to be confused with the solar caliber). Thanks to those who will help me.

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10 minutes ago, n4k4 said:

citizen 8620a crystron movement

no pictures? we like to see pictures. In particular a watch repair discussion group we like pictures of movements.

20 minutes ago, n4k4 said:

(not to be confused with the solar caliber).

oh and I'm confused it's not the solar caliber but yet it has the same number?



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interesting that picture looks just like one other solar watches? Also looks like you're disassembling it while it's still in the case that's going to be an issue for you.

Then one of the problems with the existing documentation PDF format is often times it came into existence for parts service was an afterthought. But I did find something for you

2691_Citizen 8625,8626,8627,8628,8629-1.pdf

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In truth I had taken it apart completely cleaned, oiled and reassembled. It worked perfectly for a few days and then stopped working. However I had not found the documentation of that precise movement... 

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6 hours ago, n4k4 said:

However I had not found the documentation of that precise movement

 I can see it didn't pay attention to the documentation did I? On the other hand I didn't give you the Seiko documentation that has the same part number like others have.

the problem is tracking down vintage information especially if they didn't make necessarily huge quantities etc. and documentation becomes really scarce. I'm attaching some images with some technical specifications I know it's not the exact right watch but it should be really similar.

Did you do the electrical specifications like did you check the current consumption? Also I find with watches that tend to be having issues this is where the Swiss 9000 quartz oil is really good versus using other oils. I've had issues with particular Seiko is in the past where they just wouldn't run with the original recommendation was no oil that didn't work various other oils didn't work the 9000 always worked perfect

then I looked I have another book which has something helpful perhaps is for the citizen 8600 up the solar version is looks like the version that has the little LED on the front but the basic movement looks the same and it's like at least 10 pages or more that would have to be scanned which I don't have time to do now but it does look like the same basic movement and it also explains probably why this a little bit a fingernail polish on the one screw that you not supposed to touch. So the something you think it would be of interest and if I feel really motivated over the weekend when I'm not doing something else I might scan it in. I'm really not thrilled with scanning things in I find it really a tedious thing to do.

citizen 8620 a page 2.jpg

citizen 8620 a page 1.JPG

there definitely seems be a lot a confusion for this watch because of poor choice of numbering I guess. In a case here's a link somebody asked about their watch then they get a technical sheet which is wrong but scroll down to the bottom and it looks more promising



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