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Removing a Mainspring Barrel Arbor

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Hello there,

I'm having trouble trying to figure out if it's possible to remove the arbor from this mainspring barrel and if so, how to do it. It won't budge either way but I don't know how else I'll get a new mainspring in it.







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Those 2 holes (red arrows) in the arbor remind me of a golf shoe spike (see below) - not suggesting an actual golf spike tool would work 🤣.... but maybe this is the mechanism that is used to install it?



I think your best option is to hand wind in the spring and then make sure that the hole in the end of the spring fits over the stud sticking out of the arbor (green arrow). It may be difficult to hand wind with the arbor in the way, but maybe a better option than damaging the arbor or barrel trying to remove and then reinstall the arbor?

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thinking you may get creative with a paperclip, or even gluing 2 cell phone SIM tools (side by side) to a lollipop stick??? Just ideas of the top of my head 🙂. I think you may need to grip the underside of the arbor while you unscrew the top side maybe slot the ratchet wheel over the square shaft to give you something to grip??


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16 hours ago, JohnR725 said:

we just discussed something similar to this just a little while ago within the last week. By the way you're lucky the holes are there sometimes they're not and when they're not there it makes it much more fun to try to unscrew it.




Ahhhh, I got it! Such a great feeling. I slathered on some HP-1300 and eventually got it open by gripping the stem outside the barrel with a pin vise, then turning the ring with needle nose pliers. Thank you so much!


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