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Hand lever recommendation

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I have been using cheap levers and have decided that I need better ones.  Searched this forum and did not find anything satisfying even though I thought this was topic was covered once before...or at least showed up as part of another topic. 

Bergeon are expensive but look impressive.  These Bergeons are cheaper.

I have  a Presto remover but never use it...prolly never will.

What do you use?

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I have the levers from Horotec (2.5mm wide version):


-https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/hand-removing-levers-horotec-swiss --> the 2.5mm version 

They are cheaper than the Bergeon but still proper Swiss quality. I'm happy with them (even though sometimes I think they could be sharper.... but that could be "dressed"). I've used them from hands, stubborn canon pinions and hairspring collets without breaking anything so far.

I cannot offer comparisons with any other ones because these are my only ones.



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Like Knebo, I'm satisfied with the Horotecs. It's worth having some cheaper ones around too for jobs where some radical reshaping is required, or where more force is necessary, and you don't want to risk the best pair.

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