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Piezoelectric buzzer replacement

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Hi, Just replaced a buzzer on my Seiko H601. The replacement piezo actually came with a Seiko quartz chronograph movement and I had saved it just in case. It was the correct size, 18mm diameter and had an array of glue dots on the back.

I managed to fit it to the case back as follows.

Clean old glue with metal scraper and fine abrasive (I used Scotchbrite grey). Final clean with solvent.

Place disc in place and put three pound coins stacked on top for a little downward force as the glue melts. Make sure the disc doesn't change position.

Put in oven directly on the rack and switch on at 200 degrees centigrade. Let oven attain temperature and then switch off to cool naturally (I opened the oven door and left for 30 minutes).

When cooled the disc appears to be stuck perfectly and the piezo output is now very very good.

Hope it helps.


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