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Trevel clock Looping

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Good day everyone! I am new to your forum. I got a strange Looping travel watch. It is made in Switzerland. But I have not met this type of mechanism anywhere. So I'm posting a photo, maybe someone knows this type of mechanism. Best regards, Peter




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On 5/22/2023 at 5:21 PM, petro said:

Thank you for welcoming me to your community! I need to know about that mechanism. I sent the photo. Maybe someone knows about such watches?

Best regards, Peter

It has one winder that winds the going and the alarm side, the alarm runs if you do not stop it or shall I say you fail to wake up it will run down and stop by means of a stop work. They are good movements and the parts should be cleaned in a watch cleaning machine. It is an easy movement to take apart and put back. I would suggest you take loads of photos as you take it apart. Oils to use a good pocket watch oil on the going and alarm, windles clock oil for the barrel spring and arbor and on the alarm wheel next to the hammer and where the hammer contacts the hammer wheel. Just ask if you need anymore advice. 

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Good evening! Thank you for your attention and understanding! Do you sometimes have a scheme for assembling the mechanism of this type of watch? It appears to be Looping caliber 44/45. Or a link to a site where you could download such a scheme. I would be very grateful!



Thanks, Oldhippy!!!

Best regards,


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I will be following this thread.  I have a Looping travel alarm clock also, and I will post pictures of mine in a bit.  But I did not find any technical documents or diagrams about it either.

Addendum: adding pictures of my own movement.  It is in fantastic condition and amazingly accurate.  It is apparently very rugged also, because its case was a wreck.  I plan to make a beautiful case for it later.




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