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I tried to install a 33 mm dia crystal in a watch case with a crystal gasket. The original crystal measured 32.93 mm. I purchased a 33 mm crystal but could not install straight. The crystal cocked and extruded the gasket on one side . I purchased a new gasket to fit the movement that has a 33mm ID.

Is there a special procedure for fitting crystals in cases with gaskets.  I also purchased smaller crystals if needed.

Thanks for your comments, Dave

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Is this one of those pesky white nylon gaskets, ihaveno end of agrow with them as well.

It's not helped by the fact that you need 3 measurements when ordering, not only diameter and hight but also thickness, which is also not helped by the old one being squashed so impossible to get an accurate measurement to order the correct size.

I found it sometimes easier to stretch fit a slightly smaller diameter gasket as the stretching makes the gasket a tad thinner.

Mind you it could be that the 33mm crystal is too big, what was the next size down.

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