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The other MM watch I am fixing is a 17J watch that I posted about elsewhere on the forum.  I was home free until I was putting the back on the case when a lug just broke off in my hand.  There was lots of corrosion visible, so I guess it is no surprise.

I found another MM watch on ebay that had the same dial design, and was also 17J.  I bought it.

Today, I was going to re-case the original movement in the case from the ebay purchase.  Cases look so so close...BUT!!!

The ebay case is a couple hundred microns shallower.  No way to force a fit, so I am burned.  Thought of some innovative ways to make it work, but well beyond my pay grade.

I am really bummed out.

2023-05-15 14_44_34-20230515_133733.jpg ‎- Photos.png

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53 minutes ago, rehajm said:

I worked on Mickeys and Minnies all last fall - Mickey is the bigger **BLEEP**...

What brand is that one? Who jeweled a Mickey back in the day?

Sonceboz SA  Found very little information about them.

2023-05-15 16_52_48-20230503_160004.jpg ‎- Photos.png

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3 hours ago, LittleWatchShop said:


4 hours ago, rehajm said:


Sonceboz SA  Found very little information about


Looks like a ‘we don’t want to put our name on it’ Wittnauer or something..:

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