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My wife took these pictures today.  Not sure if there is a message that I am supposed to get 🙄

The first bench is the one from my Dad.  The second is the one I bought from Maine.  The third I bought from someone in Wyoming.  The last watch bench came from Dallas.  The other bench is just a converted office desk.

The last picture captures a portion of the room.

This was not staged...and I am a little embarrassed about how it looks.  That's me and Cromwell.

2023-05-14 12_06_52-IMG_3325.JPG ‎- Photos.png

2023-05-14 12_07_04-IMG_3326.JPG ‎- Photos.png

2023-05-14 12_07_16-IMG_3327.JPG ‎- Photos.png

2023-05-14 12_07_29-IMG_3328.JPG ‎- Photos.png

2023-05-14 12_07_43-Window.png

2023-05-14 12_15_05-Window.png

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Now that is what I like to see a lovely mess. Providing you know where every thing is. My work bench was always in a mess, my master would always tell me to clean it. When I had my own workshop it always looked as if a bomb had hit it. Funny really as I like to keep my home very tidy I do not like things out of place. 

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The lathe on the first bench is newly acquired: Paulson.  Normally a lathe is not stationed there.  The lathe on the third bench is my wonderful Levin 😍, where I try my best to be a real watchmaker.  The lathe on the fourth bench is for sharpening only.  The fourth bench is used for clock repair and sharpening. It has a Barkus polishing wheel on it.  That lathe came from my Dad.  The lathe on the office desk is another Levin.  I have too many lathes...there are two more in the closet along with another Levin headstock.

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I'm rather jealous actually.  I have one small bench.  Clock or watch, they all get fixed there.  But I will be bringing in a table soon, and that shall be for my lathe and other "dirty" tools.  I am probably not as messy, but that could only be a result of having less space.  I cannot however claim to be more organized, because the systematic organization I have developed seems to only make sense to myself, whereas others will see it and remark that "there seems to have been a struggle..."  🤷‍♂️

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13 hours ago, LittleWatchShop said:

2023-05-14 12_15_05-Window.png

Thanks for the above picture, I just sent it to Mrs W and sais "see ...see... mine isn't so bad after all!" Don't expect it will stop her telling me off, but at least she doesn't think I'm the only one now.

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3 hours ago, HectorLooi said:

Hmmm.... I only see your watch repair stuff. Where are the rest of your electronics, 3D printing and other toys?

In my office. I will post a picture

4 hours ago, HectorLooi said:

Hmmm.... I only see your watch repair stuff. Where are the rest of your electronics, 3D printing and other toys?

image.thumb.png.cd38741a4d2a63f8709de4e41fc90516.pngMy hot-air workstation and desoldering station got moved to the garage...lol orphan children!

10 hours ago, KarlvonKoln said:

because the systematic organization I have developed seems to only make sense to myself

When I first came back to watchmaking with only my Dad's bench, it was hard to wrap my head around how he had his bench organized.  I wanted to leave it that way, but eventually I had to make some modifications--moving tools around from drawer to drawer and moving a few things out of the bench.

BTW...I HAVE ANOTHER WATCHBENCH IN THE GARAGE!!!  I am restoring it.  But once restored, I have no place for it.

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    • These are the places where I oiled with HP 1300...  These are the places where I oiled with HP 1300...  I can see that the cannon pinion is moving as it should once I installed the pallet fork. I created a small video but was not able to upload it. It is a mov file type. I need now to source a GR4014X mainspring, a stop ever #9433 and both calendar disc as the days/dates are peeling out... This is the mido watch which holds the ETA Movement.... I just want to thanks all of you guys for your help, specially @eccentric59 who nailed it! So, I would consider this case as closed unless of course any question from any of you... Best regards Fernando     I could not download the file... I will tray to located. Many thanks. 
    • Thanks a lot everyone!  I'll update you as soon as a final decision has been made by my friend (and depending on her decision, what I may find inside). 
    • Thanks Marc, clearly I have a lot to learn about metallurgy. I’d expect the cutting of tool or spring steel to be a lot harder to cut into a precise shape- I expect I’d have to anneal it first? 
    • Unfortunately if you have used mild steel you will have little hope of hardening and tempering it, it simply doesn't contain enough carbon. You need to use a steel with a higher carbon content like tool steel or spring steel. One good source for this is engineers feeler gauges which can be picked up relatively inexpensively and provide a range of thicknesses of material. this will then harden and temper in pretty much the way you have described.
    • Thanks for this excellent tutorial and very fine illustrations @Jon! Really first class! 👍 I noticed that your image was a bit too small to read with ease, so here's a larger copy of it. I summarized @nickelsilver's method for adjusting beat errors to the following, but you can find all the info in the thread I linked to: “For everyday work, from the smallest ladies’ movements to marine chronometer, I set the balance with the cock on a bench block so the roller table is in a hole, balance on the block. Lift up the cock and move it over- not flipping it, just moving laterally, until I can see the slot in the hairspring collet, get in there and adjust (for tiny watches this is usually with an oiler, larger, a small screwdriver). Go back in the watch and check on the machine. I hold a balance arm of the rim with tweezers while moving the collet.”    
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