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3D-Printed Watch Movement Holders: Awesome!

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As you know, I am working on a couple of movements, a Landeron 248 and a Valjoux 7733. I use a normal brass movement holder that I bought for real cheap on the bay a couple of years ago, but apart from being a bit unstable (china made...), it has worked me well for the simple watch servicing I have made for hobby.


I acquired a cleaning machine the other day, and while I was at it, I was looking for other tools to buy (I had some spare dough I could throw at it... ). I found this auction for a 3d-printed movement holder for a Valjoux 7734 movement, and was intrigued both by the price (a professional one can cost upwards of 100€ here in Germany) and the quality of it. 3D printing is just amazing, and provided you have the right printer and correct design (with correct dimensional measures) it can do wonders...


I contacted the seller asking if he could make one "to order" for my 7733 and my L248, and he  replied "Yes of course, I've done it already..." WOW!


I was in! I looked at the other items he was selling on the bay, and wrote him another email, asking a couple of other things, to which he complied, of course. I received the package from France today.... 


Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present you my new 7733 and L248 3d-printed holders, and stackable 2-stories parts box:




The movement holders are incredibly precise, and themovements fit in perfectly:






The holders are marked with the respective movement they were made for, so no problems figuring out which is which:




And you can see in the picture above the stackable parts box does come with an acrylic cover... NICE!


As you can see, I already put it to use:





The seller makes them to recover the costs of the 3d-printer, and each holder costs about 10€ (if he already has the dimensional data - that is, if he made one in the past) plus 6,50€ shipping costs (to Europe, to England I do not know).


If you need a holder he has not done yet, you can send him a wrecked movement or the precise dimensional data, and the first prototype will cost around 25-35€ to make.


He has made quite a few models up to now, so probably he already has what you need. Manufacturing time is a couple of days only.


If Mark agrees, I will post here the contact details of the seller, but you can easily find it on eBay, like I did. The guy speaks english, so no problem in communication either ;)


And now... back to the working bench with my new holders!

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His name is Pierre, and he lives in France (he's in Holiday in UK now, btw, and will be back on the 17th of August) This is his ebay sellers page:




If you buy something from him, please mention I passed his name... I won't earn a bit, it is just a fact of personal satisfaction :)

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