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Japanese Divers....

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I just picked up a vintage Citizen Diver for daily wear , It's a 51-2273 model ...automatic . I have one already in much better shape in my collection but  I'll wear this one to work......I'm in construction .








I also picked up a very nice Seiko Fifty - Five Fathoms Diver . This is one Seiko diver I don't have yet....Automatic also .

Kinda nice looking .






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Yeah, I'm really liking the 55 as well, Doing some reading on it now. 


I said that the 55 is one Seiko diver I don't  have yet , As a mater of fact ,  I do have this Seiko caliber already...3 of them are divers and I have some dress versions too . . It's a caliber 7S26 , which is also called a SKX007 if i'm not mistaken . I found out this morning that the 55 Fathoms is a mod {modification] watch .


This is what it looks like in its original form.....






On this one I changed the bezel insert to green , and installed a Sapphire Double Dome Anti-reflective crystal with a light blue tint....




This one is another modification done by Da Gaz...they also sell modification dials , hands , bezel inserts , etc....




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If you're interested in Seiko divers try the following links:

https://archives.makedostudio.com/seiko-divers/ general info regarding all Seiko divers.

http://forums.watchuseek.com/f281/collectors-guide-all-seiko-7s26-0020-9-diver-variants-skx007-its-siblings-191450.html 7S26 series buying guide.

http://forums.watchuseek.com/f281/how-buy-seiko-7002-diver-collectors-buying-guide-258086.html 7002 series buying guide.

http://forums.watchuseek.com/f281/how-buy-seiko-6309-diver-collectors-buying-guide-140799.html 6309 series buying guide.


All series are very popular with the 6309 & earlier variants fetching ever higher prices while the 7002's remain reasonably priced. 7S26 variants are still available new - the SKX007K can be bought for around £150.


If buying older models beware, there is a lot of over polished, poorly serviced junk out there. As for the mods its really a matter of personal taste, some are good, some are bad, some are indifferent. Don't shy away from scrappers, they are good watches to hone your skills on, most of the original parts are available, although dials, bezels & hands are normally after-market.


Happy hunting.

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 Hi Blacklab , Actually I have a few Seiko and Citizen divers  . Seiko 7002 ,  6309- 7290 & 7040 & 7049 ,  7S26 ,  6105-8009 & 8110 [2]  and a 6R15-00G0 Sumo .


As for Citizens I have  a Lefty ,  51-2273 [2] , and Different Aqualand models .


This Seiko 6105-8110 is all original including the signed Seiko waffle strap...






This 6105-8110 I picked up in a pawn shop in rough shape . Luckily the gaskets were still supple and kept out the sea...yup , that's sea salt in the first pic . I cleaned it up and installed an AM dial , hands , and Sapphire crystal...





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