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Vintage Seiko 5 bracelet links can't remove

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I've got a really old seiko bracket and I can't remove the links. A slotted screwdriver is too thick to get in-between to push the insert out. Even if it was able to fit I don't think I'd be able to get enough force to remove it. Is there a special tool or technique?






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I could be wrong but all of the Seiko bracelets that I've encountered that had removable links have had an arrow stamped in the underside of the removable links to indicate both which links could be removed and the direction in which the pin or insert should be removed, and they were always fairly easy to push out.

I don't see any arrows in your photos which suggests to me that either your bracelet doesn't have removable links, or that if it did have once, they have all since been removed.

Which may explain why you are having such difficulty.

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