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Recent Acquisitions...accutron & Tissot..

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Hi All , The postman delivered this Accutron 2180 today . In good condition and running smooth . The dial fades from dark blue to light blue . I installed a new Bulova strap I had and will install a new crystal soon . The date on the back says N3 , which translates to 1973 .










Also on Craigslist here on Oahu , Hawaii I picked up this Tissot Visodate Heritage for an offer under $200 . I had been looking at them on the "Bay" , and at the local Auth. Dealer .  I'm Stoked...





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I think you will find that the Tissot uses an ETA 2824-2 movement which means that supply of spare parts could very soon dry up with the imminent Swatch group embargo. Bulova Accutron parts have not been made for decades though so your best bet there would be donor movements unless you can find someone who still has stocks.

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Thanks for the Info Marc...The Tissot has a presentation case back , but I haven't taken the  time to look at it yet . I'm looking forward to doing that now .

I have been gathering a few 218 Accutron movements with dials described as not running , humming , and parts or repair . I want to see if I can get some

running or at least have spare parts .

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Thanks , ..Just curious , where do you get parts if needed .....Aloha, Louis

Sorry I can't help you. I retired from watchmaking many years ago. I'm sure you will get help by the guys that are still working in this field.

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I don't know how you guys find these gems ... I'm forever lookin and come up dry :(

My best deals have been at local auctions selling general house junk. Most times it works out about if 1/3 cost of eBay, and that includes the auction house fees.

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    • Just be careful with that white powder, no laying it out in straight lines. Diamantine powder ? Talc for brass ? Dab a bit on some sensitive bits after you've had a shower.
    • Even if there was a cap jewel on the dial side, the pivot will still drop off the cap jewel maker's side when the watch is turned dial down. There still needs to be end shake, the cap is mainly doing its thing when the pivot is resting down on it and then any part vertical position where it still may touch. I guess its assumed that dial up is the most frequent position hence one sided cap  jewel on the MS. That sounds feasible as the watch spends it's night that way up. The crown and stem missing ?
    • Thanks, @Nucejoe. That's good news at least. Just when I thought I was done with the balance wheel and shock-absorbers! 😀
    • My guesses.. 1. wood chips for drying parts in after the final rinse. A bit of an archaic practice these days. 2. could be French chalk for brushing cleaned clock plates with....  or maybe diamantine powder for polishing.... could also be oilstone powder, also for polishing, although the stuff that I have got is slightly greyish. 3. Blueing pan. Fill it with brass chips, place item to be blued on the chips and hold the pan over a spirit burner. 4. & 5. Pallet warmer for softening the shellac in order to adjust the pallet stones.
    • Maybe not the best place for such a question... 21 jewels with the last 4 being cap jewels on either side of the escapement, but only the easily visible side of wheels 2 & 3. Does a one sided cap jewel setting provide much benefit? I get that they reduce friction by keeping the pivot on its tip rather than side, but if it can still shift away from the cap jewel since there isn't another to do the same job, is the pivot not then on its side in the jewel in pretty much any position other than DU? I'm sure it's just to get the jewel count up for marketing purposes, but still. My pre-coffee mind wants to know.
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