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I Should Have Known....

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I finally decided to order the led bench light from cousins. The shipping cost hold me back in the past but now it seems a new and cheaper option was added.

So yesterday the light arrived and ofcourse I wanted to try it asap.


Why it isn't burning yet?


I should have know when ordering electrical gear from the uk [emoji2]

The adaptor is already on it's way [emoji6]

Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk

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Have the very same lamp, they are great. One note about using it...... when you set maximum brightness, if you go too far it will trip the safety and turn off, just unplug and re plug to get it going again. The LEDs are limited so they protect themselves against overload, perfectly normal just didn't want you to think there was something wrong with the lamp if it happens to you :)

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