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18 minutes ago, HectorLooi said:

How about a photo of the front? It might be a front loader.

I will get the movement out one way or another. I dont care about the watch - I just want the movement, or parts from it anyway...



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Look at the side of the front around the bezel, there may be a small notch between the bezel and case where you can open it?

If you send pictures of the side at 12/3/6/9 o'clock positions we may be able to help you spot it.

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I actually got it off. It WAS a pressed in back. I used the serrated blade tip of my Leatherman and it came up without too much effort. Being a newbie, I had just never seen a display back that was not a screw down back. Silly me. The lack of any indentations or notches for prying it up also threw me.

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