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What's The Correct Name For This Type Of Bracelet?

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Geo ! Are you looking for a new sekonda bracelet or would anything work? Have a good bracelet that  looks the same. It says Novus on the clasp and the middle part is 11mm . Attach to the watch with springbars . The Novus can be polished off . 140mm c-c long with closed buckle .

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If you mean me (Rob) and not Geo [emoji6] [emoji1] thanks.

Looking for a solid link bracelet as this one is a really cheap folded metal no name brand.

Centre lug is 10mm wide and the case is 29mm wide.

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Ooops sorry Rob :P The bracelet i had was only 24 mm wide and 11 mm lug . The one you have is probably a Russian bracelet from Sekonda or Slava . They are usually crap.

Haha. [emoji1]

Yeah, it doesn't even have removable links.

I have a vintage ish thick leather strap that i could notch. I've seen Gucci screw pins that i could use if i can find them wide enough.

EDIT: Thanks for checking yours for size.

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    • Welcome to the forum, enjoy
    • https://ranfft.org/caliber/6487-Helvetia-800 Two springs listed for the calibre, one is 0.095 and the other is 0.1
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