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Is it okay to use chemicals (IPA, etc) on a rotor?

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This may be a dumb question, and I apologize as I am just learning... but is it okay to place the rotor from a quartz movement in cleaning solution?  I know you need to use brass or non-ferrous tweezers on rotor, but I thought I saw someplace that you don't want to put it in anything... maybe that was just don't put it in cleaning solution with all the other bits and pieces from a quartz watch as it will attract all the ferrous ones. 

Anyhow, just looking for clarification.  Thank you again for being patient with a guy just learning. 

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I haven't tried putting a quartz movement in a cleaning solution but I have been using 99.9% IPA on electronics for years (saved a few laptops from coffee damage!) but then I typically only do that to clean leaks from batteries or as a quick save from water

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