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The acrylic fell out. I've seen videos of how to refit round ones, but not rectangular ones. This has a small flange on its base. 

Any suggestions gratefully received. 😊


The flange at the base of the acrylic is too large to fit back into the watch. I think this will involve dressing the flange off, and gluing the acrylic in. 

This is annoying, my mobile lets me know that there was a reply via email. I can read the replyb on the email, but nothing is showing on the forum. sigh.


Now on my laptop, and it's the same problem.

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I'm pretty sure this should be glued back in and it should just fit right into the case without the need for a press. If it isn't going in then it likely isn't the correct crystal.

If you have the movement model and the two digit case number (eg, L8) on the back of the watch then it should be possible to identify the exact model and then the correct crystal.

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I agree with @GuyMontag. This type of crystal should fit snugly into the bezel, and permanently affixed with an adhesive like G-S  Hypo Cement.  Some people like to use a UV curing glue, but I prefer the G-S Hypo cement, because it comes with af very nice fine applicator.

A crystal lift would not be helpful for this type of crystal.  If they were installed correctly, they can usually be removed with moderate pressure for the back side.


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