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13 hours ago, TitleSeventeen said:

Just what are these things? They're separate of the star shaped baffles. Look like a metal C with a stick sticking up off it.

I have part of one though the stem of it seems to be broken off

As good as our imagination can be it would be nice to have a picture.

But without the picture I can go with the title of L&R Wave breakers. In a cleaning machine it with a round jar when the baskets spinning the fluid has a habit of spinning with the basket which is undesirable. So the star shaped part goes in the bottom of the jar and the stick like thing as you referred to it sticking up would go along the edge of the jar to try to keep the fluid from spinning and it also deflects some of the fluid in towards the middle. But others probably haven't seen what it looks like it be nice to have a picture

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So we can have a better idea of what the wave breaker is supposed to look like I inserted it in the one of the jars which I found is rather difficult to get it perfect which may explain why they're not in the jars.

Then I have an image out of a PDF of a modern machine they use something a little difference but same terminology.

The purpose of these things are to break up the spinning wave that forms when the basket is spinning in the solution. Otherwise the solution will spin with the basket and not clean as effective if you could somehow stop them. It's why a lot of machines will stop spinning and in go back the other direction.

watch cleaning machine modern wave breaker.JPG

watch cleaning machine wave breaker.JPG

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I would guess that just helps it stay upright in the jar, Maybe its not used in the MasterMatics and beyond since they go both directions on their own?

I have some of the little star things that from what I understand were supposed to do a similar task. But If i should have them then i'll track down some.

My machine is a Late 40s L&R Master for reference.  

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