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Servicing My First Chronograph!

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This has been a great post .

Thanks to everyone for their input and contributions . Unfortunately I have experienced all of the pitfalls that GuiBer encountered . I re-lived the Incabloc dilemma and can relate to the replacement of the spring . I too thought that It would simply twist into place , but also came to the conclusion that I would need a press or other tool to do the job .

  While I also have put a screwdriver into the balance and hairspring the first time I attempted to service a movement , {rookie mistake caused by purpose tremor] 

my best trick is to have the balance assembly flip out of my tweezers because I am anxious to to install it and see the watch in motion . That mistake results in a hairspring birds nest every time .........I've done it 2 or 3 times.... :startle:


Congratulations on a fine job GuiBer....

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I had to replace a similar incabloc spring on the balance cock.  I too tried for many hours to insert the spring from the jewel side but was unsuccessful every time.

The way I did it was to remove the balance cock from the hairspring.  Ease up and detach the regulator and stud rings.  Place the incabloc spring flat pointing away from the jewels and slide it into the block slot.  Then hinge it over onto the jewel loosely.  Replace the regulator and stud rings (they push on) and the incabloc spring should be secure in the block.  With the jewels in place fit the incabloc spring to the jewels to check all is well.  Refit the hairspring to the cock.

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