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I bought one of these in Jan.  Set it up for single-purpose use, so I bought another for general use.

Yesterday the knob just broke off while tightening.  Hardly any torque--just shattered.  I have contacted the company.  Will update if I hear back. 

In the mean time, I printed a substitute knob.


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    • You may want to check out the end-shake on the pallet fork, switching parts, even from compatible movements can result in bridges pinching wheels and in this case (perhaps) the pallet fork. Another option is that the jewel in the pallet bridge is damaged (cracked) or maybe the pinion of the fork itself is damaged (bent, sheared, corrosion etc...) such damage may also prevent the free movement of the pallet fork. To check the end shake, use an oiler to carefully see if the pallet fork can move up and down (not side to side) between the two jewels, there should be a little bit of free movement up and down which is known as end shake. If there is movement then you can scratch this off your list of possible culprits, if there is no or very little movement then the bridge may be restricting (pinching) the pallet fork and you may need to move a jewel to allow sufficient end shake. I just noticed on your photo that I do not see the pinion of the pallet fork poking through the jewel, usually you can just see it poking through the hole in the jewel - maybe this is a trick of the light in your photo or some other camera trickery? However, this would lead me to think that there may be a problem with the pallet fork pinions, perhaps one or both is sheared off or otherwise damaged? @RichardHarris123 snap!
    • The exit jewel looks very deep into the escapement.  To much lock?
    • Like OHSaid some of the cheaper ones do not adjust.  I have used the method shown to open up the grains of rice and refitting, time consuming but can be done but mind your fingers. Best done in a block to support the bracelet.
    • All I could find, there might be a small indentation as on a snap on case back to insert a blade between the case and the rivet. 
    • Hi all. This is my first time I disassembled and assembled a movement. My project consists on building a Seiko 6349A. I have all the pieces I need. Most of them come from a donor movement, the 6309 which is running and most of its pieces are compatible. The ones that aren't I have them from the 6349. So, the 6309 is working, so I disassembled it. I started assembling the 6349, everything was OK. I managed to install most of the pieces, until the train bridge. I wound the movement and it worked. It "hisses" for quite a while and all the wheels rotate well and fast. So, I picked up the fork and installed it. I put its bridge, wound the movement a bit and tried the peg wood trick on the fork to see if it "snaps". No, doesn't happen. It moves if I push it with the peg wood, but it seems it's not getting any power at all. Of course I won't bother to install the balance until I fix this. All these pieces were working under the 6309, so I assume they're OK. What do you gents think? Thanks  
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