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Watch that never needs servicing?

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11 hours ago, RichardHarris123 said:

Japanese watch that was filled with oil and ment to last forever.

There are other oilfield watches not necessarily meant to last forever like for instance this


Or these


Or how about a DIY project. The other problem with his choice is being a quartz watch be going to have to eventually open it and change the battery.


Oh looks like it it's been discussed before in a way.


11 hours ago, RichardHarris123 said:

Years ago, I seem to remember a Japanese watch that was filled with oil and ment to last forever. Was I dreaming? 

Then casually and not finding a watch by this description but it's probably can do not quite using the right search terms. It's quite conceivable is somebody has done a watch for not requiring servicing but it would present all sorts of interesting challenges. Quartz watches easy for the most part although I do wonder about the DIY how well they really work. It is a mechanical watch it have to keep the balance wheel out of the oil otherwise wouldn't rotate at all. Same with an automatic automatic I doubt would work of his filled with oil.

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