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Grab the square on the other side and wind a few degrees of turn, pull off the finger, then release the prewind (usually 3/4 to 1 turn). When re-assembling, wind up the same pre-wind, then place the finger on- with the cross oriented correctly.


I usually grab the square in a watchmakers bench vise. But you can use a pin vice... but you either have a lot of experience, are lucky, or have 3 hands there.

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Well, I took the plunge. Following advice, I held the barrel arbor in a pin vice and then held that pin vice in my bench vice. Holding the barrel so it didn't unwind I carefully levered off the finger. That part appeared to be a wedge fit onto the arbor. Once that was off I allowed the barrel to turn slowly anti- clockwise, holding the barrel between finger and thumb. It came to a stop after turning 315 degrees. Putting it back I will need to turn 315 degrees clockwise before fitting the Maltese cross. Thanks everyone who helped. Steve.



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