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It started slowly, then suddenly


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So, I didn't intend to go full into the deep end of watchmaking but here I am.

It started with a SNK809, then at some point I realized that at some point servicing inexpensive mechanical watches was more money then they cost new. So logically I should do it myself.

One thing led to another and I bought a pretty sound starter set of tools trying to balance cheap with good where I could

Then the other weekend I found a estate sale, not much of go on from the pictures they posted before hand but I could see a nice desk, L&R watch cleaning machine and a lathe.

I ended up buying all of it of a price far too low for any given part of it but I didn't ask questions I handed over the money as fast as I could.

Still going through all I got from that haul and getting the desk setup, and I figured it was high time to join a forum so I could bounce newbie questions off the more experienced. 

So, here I am! 



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16 hours ago, nickelsilver said:

Show the loot!

Agree! If there's one thing we like to look at more than watch and clock parts, it's tools.

Welcome Chris. You are in the right place to learn about your haul and how to use it. You have years of fun and frustration ahead of you!

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