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Rectangle And Non-Standard Crystals


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Hello everyone was just wondering what kind of tools people are using for non standard crystals.


Currently I'm just taking a round crystal and some pilers and just snaping chips of crystals off untill i have the shape im needing. then I'm using my gem faceting machine with a rough diamond wheel to get it in the right shape then a finer diamond wheel to polish the edges so it fits into the watch.  Using a glass cutter is also fine for the more square/rectangle but once u get into a heart shape or oval it gets a little more tricky. This method works fine but its a no fun having crystal fly around as u are chipping it all away. and would take even longer if u try to grind all the extra glass away on the glass grinders.


How are others getting custom crystals made?


Any tips for this raw amateur would be great


thank you


here are some photos of what I'd ended up doing hoping for a more efficient way.



This is used to polish and cut gem stones.



A tool I got from my uncle, this is what he would normally use to cut crystals, but i decided to use the gem faceting machine instead since i already had another assignment that i was working on.



The watch that needed the non standard crystal



Traceing the round crystal and then chipping away (the crystal is still much larder then what it needed to be)



After cutted and fitted.








The other watch that needed the new crystal



Marked and chipped away


Havn't had a chance to finsh this yet since its getting late but ill post more once its done

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Just finshed the square watch here the rest of the photos.



Outline. and then chipping away the glass photo can be seen aboved. ended up having to start a new one since i over cut one of the corners.










Over all this took a good bit of time, about 5 broken crystals but being that this was my first time doing custom crystal i think over all it came out well, happy to put my name on this and return it to the customers. with more pratice i hope to do this much quicker. and maybe someone will have some tips or others tools i'll be able to use to make it quicker.


As a side not how much does this type of work normally cost? Currently im charging 45$ CAD retail for this.

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Good job, Mkay. The method you used is similar to my friend's who is doing by dozen daily.

The machine he used is as shown in the picture.


You'll need to stock up on different types and shapes of crystals e.g. single-domed, double-domed to meet the needs.

I'm planning to get one for my shop too.

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