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Buler pin lever watch lubrication advice

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I have stripped and am in the process of reassembling a Buler watch which has a 1 jewel movement and the movement is stamped BF 896. I have not worked on a pin lever before (and I don’t think I’ll be in a hurry to do so again any time soon!) so I have a general question about lubrication; not having a technical guide for help, should I follow a general rule of thumb for oiling as I would in a Swiss Lever or are there specific oiling techniques for a pin lever with virtually no jewels?

I was thinking along the lines of

1st, 2nd wheel pivots - D5

3rd, 4th, escapement pivots - 9010

escapement teeth - 9010

Balance jewel (and the metal end cap on the bottom pivot) - 9010

Nothing on the pin pallet pivots

Also, are there any particular things to look out for on these movements?


Thanks in advance



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