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What Battery goes in a Lucien Piccard 26499sl

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I have been looking to find out what battery goes in this watch, Lucien Piccard 26499sl. I can't find it anywhere as yet. No battery was inside. Please, anyone have a resource for finding what batteries go in what watches?...at least this one?? Thank you all.

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We generally do not keep a database of what model uses what battery. But you can help us by posting some good quality photos of the movement.

Some manufacturers are kind enough to engrave the battery number on the back of the watch or sometimes on the inside of the cover. And sometimes on the little battery contact spring in the movement.

Worst case scenario is you have the measure the diameter and height of the battery recess and select the closest one from a battery datasheet like https://www.watchbattery.co.uk/Watch_Battery_Cross_Reference_Table.php

Good luck.

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