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Now working on my friends Elgin 1893 pocket watch. Its a size 18S, grade 123, model 5. Dissembled and cleaned same. Upon reassembly the keyless works does not function. The movement was serviced before with a few stripped screws,  a jewel holder and one banking pin staked in place.

Can not find an assembly drawing so I don't what's missing.  Found a list of part numbers for various pieces with photos which helps a little. I do not know how the  mechanism is suppose to work. Attached are photos I took when doing the disassembly. Am I missing a spring on the back side of the movement? also the setting lever does not have a tab to pull out.

Thanks for your help, Dave



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On 2/24/2023 at 12:28 PM, Davis said:

keyless works does not function

the water explain what you mean by it doesn't work?

On 2/24/2023 at 12:28 PM, Davis said:

Can not find an assembly drawing so I don't what's missing

I suppose you did a search for the service manual? Then you discover there is no service manual because they didn't publish service manuals back then. You also want to take pictures of these anytime you take them apart because it just helpful to have pictures.

casually it looks right but you may have to take off some of the plate so we can see underneath but it would help to have a definition of what's not working. Plus did you put the movement back in the case to see if it work better in the casebecause typically with American pocket watches when they're out of the case therein setting mode and only when they're in the case are they back into the normal operating winding mode and then pulling a crown that will put it in setting mode. Unless it's a newer watch then they have ways of putting it into winding mode out of the case


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I found the original patent via the pocket watch data base. I looked up the watch by number and there was a box to click for technical data.  Up pops the patent. The patent is for a stem winding and setting watch. It shows the construction and how it works. See attached photo.

When cleaning the main frame I found a very small piece of brass. Initially thought it was broken off one of the gear axles. After looking at the patent information it looks like it broke off one of the setting levers.

I'll dissemble again and have to fit a new post to the lever.

Thanks again for all the help , Dave



Yes I have the case and it does wind. See above reply.

Thanks for sharing the parts list, Dave

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