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Rubis Tweezers

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I purchased a Rubis style F tweezer via eBay. The vendor represented it, correctly I believe, as new old stock. There doesn't appear to be any discussion about this brand on the forum, and there's little elsewhere when it comes to Rubis tweezers for watch repair, electronics and biology rather than for cosmetics. I'm curious about the reputation of Rubis as a maker of craftsman tweezers, and about the age of the one that I purchased.

Rubis is a Swiss company located in the Italian canton of Ticino. The founder made tweezers for watch repair. After his death, his daughter took over the company and started to focus on tweezers for the cosmetics market. Rubis has become a high-end player in that market, but it still makes craftsman tweezers. These are sold under the name Rubis Tech: https://www.rubistech.ch

As mentioned, mine is a style F. The tip is just over 2mm wide. It's probably stainless steel/onyx. As shown in the first photo below, it's engraved "Rustless Steel", nothing about magnetism. I should check how it reacts to a magnet.

I'm curious about how old the tweezer is. These days, the Rubis logo on this tweezer says Rubis Tech. As shown in the second photo, mine just says rubis, with the letter r overlapping the letter u. I learned from a search that at some point there was also a logo in which the letters r and u don't overlap.

I'd appreciate comments on the reputation of these tweezers and any information on how old mine might be. If no-one has any thoughts on age, I'll send Rubis a query via e-mail.

In any event, the price was reasonable (US$15) and I'm happy with the purchase.





s-l1600 (1).jpeg

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I have a few Rubis tweezers in my collection.


They seem to be pretty good, very much on a par with the old Dumonts.

Here are a few other makes in my hoard which are pretty good and worth looking out for if you're buying used. All Swiss made. Siso (probably the least good of the bunch but still usable), Tanic, Ideal-Tek, Favorite, and a brand that I can't identify but they were obviously celebrating their diamond jubilee (unless that is the brand). I've got a lot of those.



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Thanks Marc,

I've sent an e-mail to Rubis asking when it stopped using that logo. The photo below shows the current rubis Tech logo. The photo is from the Rubis website linked in post #1, in this case a tweezer made from titanium.



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