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Replacing a jewel in vintage Cyma pocket watch

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There is no emotional attachment to this watch.  I bought it as a donor.  So, for now, it is a learning opportunity.

As you can see (both sides shown), this jewel is broken.  It appears to me to be a friction fit, but I am not certain.

1) remove the old jewel

2) measure the hole in the plate

3) measure the pivot size

4) find a replacement jewel <--- does the story end here?

5) press the replacement jewel in with my handy-dandy Seitz jeweling tool.

Alternative plan:

1) find a jewel that fits the pivot yet larger than the hole in the plate.

2) broach the hole to fit the jewel

3) press the replacement jewel in with my handy-dandy Seitz jeweling tool.

I am all ears!

2023-02-15 17_15_58-20230215_171249.jpg ‎- Photos.png

2023-02-15 17_15_35-20230215_171231.jpg ‎- Photos.png


After further research, I see this is a "rubbed in" setting. 

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Update. Well, I had this collection of plate jewels (thanks Pop!).  The closest one I had was a little bit larger diameter.  I nudge the plate metal to get it to fit, but there is virtually no metal left to rub in. It is in snug now, but I dont trust it.

Appealing to the horological gods for wisdom.

Again...there is no downside since this is a donor...just hoping to learn and get another notch on my gun.

2023-02-15 19_54_59-20230215_195254.jpg ‎- Photos.png

2023-02-15 19_54_43-20230215_195045.jpg ‎- Photos.png

2023-02-15 19_54_31-20230215_195112.jpg ‎- Photos.png

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