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Hi, until December last year, the only watch I had was my battered Granddads Medana pocket watch. Stopped wearing watches with the advent of mobile phones. (age giveaway there🙄

That never stopped me window gazing in shops though. I've since bought 5 watches. 

The Medana had a plastic dial cover which was yellowing. I thought to myself, let's see if I can do anything to make it better. Bought a glass, (should have bought acrylic) used clear jewellery adhesive to secure it. Removed the balance wheel, bit of a half hearted clean. 

Bought a few tools, since esculated. Aliexpress, bought some old scrap / non working watches to practice with. Bought a non working Waltham pocket watch, again to practice on, awaiting delivery. Bought another Waltham pocket watch, which is running, looks dirty lost 20 minutes over 12 hours!! After practicing on the non working one, I shall give this a strip down and clean. Had a close look at it while at work, using a VMM ( visual measuring machine) Capable of 900 times magnification😁 Jewels are dry and dirty. 

Anyway, that's my introduction. I'll probably be asking some dumb questions at some point..... 


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    • Good plan Andy, i did hint earlier 🙂
    • My Inspiration experience for a new thread. Here is a little job lot of a few nic-naks i made an offer of 18 quid for  a few days ago. A few handy items inc. a Smith screw back remover which was only my reason for buying ( they dont call me " eagle eyes " for nothing.  Also a nice old retracting pencil, a split/ wooden container of cylinder punches , a wooden screw top ( the fine thread is amazing) diamantine pot,a bakelite glass lens loupe and some other useful odds and ends. And hiding at the bottom of the plastic tub was a movement. So while having a break from figuring out my next move regarding the barrel arbor re-pivot, i thought an investigation was in order. This is the surprise bit, down comes Bestfit from the shelf above and gives me a Buren 460. Striped down and potentially only a re-staff is required, checking the balance stock i find a 460 inca, 3 of the dimensions are off by 10,20 and 30 microns and are undersize for what i need 😔, a few  more packets to check may turn up something,  keeping these chubby pinkies crossed while i search. 
    • I've been using a cheap hammer for my watchmaking antics for some time, so decided to upgrade to a 'proper one' so looked on Cousins to see, and there are way too many choices...... can anyone advise the best all-round size:
    • I follow your walkthrough with great interest!  I'm not sure how I would do it but still think I would try to follow their recommendation. My only question is how do you practically go about quickly rotating the rotor in the benzine? I would follow their recommendation. Oiling correctly is often an underrated art with far greater consequences than most people realise. I don't think it's a coincidence that JLC recommends 941. That said, in this particular case, I think you can safely use 9010 if you don't have or don't want to invest in 941. Yes, it is undeniably strange. Maybe the explanation is that there is a difference between viscosity and "viscosity index"!? I understand that 9010 is a much older oil than 941. I guess JLC has found through practical experiments that they get marginally better results with 941 for just the rotor bearing, but who knows?
    • Hi Everyone I am not going to attempt to fix the movement. I want to remove it so I can clean the face. I will then see if the watch/movement can be repaired by a watch expert. If not I'm going to locate a new movement. I just wanted to clean the face my self and have the knowledge to remove the movement. Thanks 
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