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Waltham Automatic Weight Securing Problem

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Good day,

I have restored the Waltham in the picture below and it is working well and keeping good time... however... I have a problem with the weight for the automatic works. The weight is secured by a strange type of c-clip and I didn't pay enough attention when I removed it, hence the whole weight drops off the post from time to time and you can sometimes hear the weight spinning so obviously I haven't assembled correctly. I have tried re-assembling a few times with no improvement, but I am wary as over working the c-clip could fatigue it and break it and then I am in trouble. Does anyone have experience of this type of securing clip... any tips suggestions?




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I'm sure someone will come along in a moment and explain how to do that particular clip. But in the meantime let's figure out what you really have because it's not a Waltham.

Always one of the confusing things for identifying watches are the name on the dial does not necessarily represent who made the movements. Companies will purchase movements from suppliers put their names on the dial the case even the automatic weight but they're not necessarily the people who made the movements.

Usually the most common place where you find the movement identification is under the balance wheel. There usually be sometimes a symbol or letters representing the company and then a number. Because we figure out who actually made this we might build to find technical information if We are lucky.

9 minutes ago, Waggy said:

you can sometimes hear the weight spinning so obviously I

Now on some typically more modern watches you can hear the weight spinning when the automatic parts aren't working right.

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