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Pair of Oris

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Eyup yawl how you doin ? Thats my British Amican greeting, I'll  have to come up with something bizarre for the Swiss, German, French, Afican, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Australian, apologise if i miss anyone as i could be here a while without reaching my actual post. I'm not ready to show my eclectic collection as yet, soooo much needs fixing up. But just thought i would make up for my lack of presence this past couple of months. I enjoy appealing to the beginners among us.  Embryo watchmakers that get disheartened when they are not progressing as well as they had hoped. Ones that struggle to find a half decent movement to work on that doesn't gut them when accidents happen and they find they've wasted money. It happens a lot and its enough to make some give up and try a different hobby. Encouragement is so important in keeping spirits up and to make someone keep going until they reach a point where they know they are going to improve and luck changes. So here is my little input for the day in the hope that someone thinks - ok yep I'll give it another go maybe this time things will be different.  Actually i will mention  a member here that inspires me and others too. He doesn't quit, he keeps going and improving until hes achieved his goal. Recenty posted if i remember rightly, his first complete and successful restoration and got a watch on his wrist. Ross well done mate 👍. So here is my  "patience pays off" when buying a watch to repair. There are watches out there that dont have to take chunks of money that you regret. Oris are a great brand to work on and some come in cheap when you wait. Its not a 404, which is another thread that was a great idea, as it shows whats possible for little money. But this was cheap an Oris tv watch at 11 quid, originally started at 25 as a buy it now on ebay. I was going to buy it at that as i have another of a different colour dial. But i waited until it eventually ended up with an 11 quid starting bid price. And thats how i picked it up.  It needs the hairspring sorting and a good clean as its a chip pan job, but apart from that it seems fine. So i have one for me now and one for the missus, a pair of Orises ( thats the two watches and not me and the missus although thats debatable) . A pair of Oris ? Orisi ? Oriss ? Orises ? Whatatever 🤷‍♂️


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    • I picked up an L&R Master that needed an overhaul a few weeks ago and have been slowly disassembling and cleaning it, but I've hit a snag: I can't get the motor cover to separate. I've removed the retaining ring from the motor shaft, the setscrew from the side of the housing, and all the screws from the underside of the motor housing. When I first tried moving the lower housing, it was stuck tight--no rotation and no ability to pull it straight out. After attaching a temporary handle to the lower housing with the existing screws, I got enough leverage to get the two pieces to wiggle, but the housing still won't separate.  I've watched a few videos of people restoring these units, and those who bother servicing the motor are able to wiggle the housing halves a bit and then just pull them apart. Anyone with experience with these units have any advice for next steps I could try? Heat? More leverage? Judiciously applied dead-blow hammer? My goal is to do this, of course, without damaging anything.  Given how brittle every wire in this unit seems to be, I want to get the motor apart and replace the power cord as close as possible to the coils. Thanks!
    • I went ahead and made another order for some more tools from the Kwong Yuen factory.  Main purchases were Case Opener, Bezel Lift, Strap Puncher, Tube Remover, Jewelling Set, and a set of screwdrivers. Some pics below, happy to take some more pics of anything if someone wants more details.     I measured the jeweling set, and I'll say the sizes seem consistent, but a little small compared to the printed numbers. Pushers seem to come in about 0.04mm less than marked (220->216). As far as I'm concerned that shouldn't affect its effectiveness much. The actual pushing edge looks decent, but could be dressed to a mirror finish. They come apart and back together without any issues. Here is one pusher out of the box. and after a little dressing.. (first time trying, and probably needs a bit more):
    • I guess I got lucky then! It didn't know about this when I bought mine.  But even if you get the newer version, you need to make sure the respective adapter/knob is included.  See pictures below. 
    • For reference I believe this is the older style, absent are the inside threads for the cap that allows for horia-type pushing
    • Jon and VWatchie Thank you for the video facility in the PowerPoint. Very informative when you see the 'live' version of the written word. Helps beyond belief. Not tried to replace a jewel or setting yet.  However, seeing the process adds to the overall learning.
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