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Pair of Oris

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Eyup yawl how you doin ? Thats my British Amican greeting, I'll  have to come up with something bizarre for the Swiss, German, French, Afican, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Australian, apologise if i miss anyone as i could be here a while without reaching my actual post. I'm not ready to show my eclectic collection as yet, soooo much needs fixing up. But just thought i would make up for my lack of presence this past couple of months. I enjoy appealing to the beginners among us.  Embryo watchmakers that get disheartened when they are not progressing as well as they had hoped. Ones that struggle to find a half decent movement to work on that doesn't gut them when accidents happen and they find they've wasted money. It happens a lot and its enough to make some give up and try a different hobby. Encouragement is so important in keeping spirits up and to make someone keep going until they reach a point where they know they are going to improve and luck changes. So here is my little input for the day in the hope that someone thinks - ok yep I'll give it another go maybe this time things will be different.  Actually i will mention  a member here that inspires me and others too. He doesn't quit, he keeps going and improving until hes achieved his goal. Recenty posted if i remember rightly, his first complete and successful restoration and got a watch on his wrist. Ross well done mate 👍. So here is my  "patience pays off" when buying a watch to repair. There are watches out there that dont have to take chunks of money that you regret. Oris are a great brand to work on and some come in cheap when you wait. Its not a 404, which is another thread that was a great idea, as it shows whats possible for little money. But this was cheap an Oris tv watch at 11 quid, originally started at 25 as a buy it now on ebay. I was going to buy it at that as i have another of a different colour dial. But i waited until it eventually ended up with an 11 quid starting bid price. And thats how i picked it up.  It needs the hairspring sorting and a good clean as its a chip pan job, but apart from that it seems fine. So i have one for me now and one for the missus, a pair of Orises ( thats the two watches and not me and the missus although thats debatable) . A pair of Oris ? Orisi ? Oriss ? Orises ? Whatatever 🤷‍♂️


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