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New Rookie Joining The Team


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Just wanted to take a moment and Say Hi, as the title says I'm new around here and to watch making in general, Been reading the forums for a few months and been taking a deep dive in repairing and overhauling watches. Spent a good bit of time watching Marks videos to give me more of an idea of what I was getting myself into. Just wanted to say thank you for all the great videos and all the insight that i have gotten for these forums. I would like to be active on these forums helping out as I can and also get some insight on projects that I'll be working on in the future.


So I'll start by sharing a little background, I started training as a goldsmith when i was 15, doing polishing, simple repairs such as soldering chains and ring sizing then moved on to Casting and refinishing and designing. My goldsmith training was from my parents they been in the industry for over 30 years. I've been doing goldsmithing for nearly 15 years now. during this time I also study to become a gemologist at GIA. So my focus ended up more in the gemologist field doing jewellery appraisal, grading gemstones and diamonds. We open up a store in 2007 and I've been focus on managing and running the retail front of that ever since.

So the reason I started to dive into watch making was due to the fact that not many watch makers are around in my local area any more. In the past 8 years we had 3 watch makers retried. We been looking for new watch makers on and off for many years now so finally I said I had to learn or this will become and endless cycle. So ya this is why here to get insight, learn, have a place to ask questions and hoping to answer some to.


I will post my workshop project and a few other thigns i've been working on soon . :)


Thank you for your time and hope to get to know more people in watch community.

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Okay so about 3 months ago i decided I wanted to become a watch maker and handle all the repairs that were coming into the our store. My uncle who is also a watch maker who is now retried has been teaching me for the past  4 months. But the first project that i had to do was get a work station prepared. Here are some photos of the workshop reno.



This room use to be a full goldsmith workshop for over 20 years. The carpet needed to be replaced due to it being old and floods that we had over the years due to this being a basment workshop. We had to add a sum pit and repair a crack fondation that was done last summer.



this is the design of the new goldsmithing/watch making work bench that i was going to make.



New room layout



New clean carpet installed







Ikea Cabnets installed with raisers made out of 2by4 and 4x4 to get it the work bench to the right height.



Table tops put in. with a little more triming of the table needing to be done with a jiggsaw.



Table all cut added a little wall up so if watch parts go flying it will hopefully stay on the work bench.



Goldsmith work bench, will also be use to refinsh watch cases and bands.



Using 4blub natura light for each work bench for a lot of lighting.



Watch work bench basic supply and tools, I'll add an updated photo when i get a chance to take a pic this was from about 3 months ago.



A quick look at the work area lots of place to put tools, still wanting to add a lot more shelfing and a bunch of other things will update with new photos later.

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Hello and welcome,


Thanks for the pics and I wish you well in your new venture.


With your background there is probably nothing outside your scope once you get up to speed on the watch side of things. 


Refinishing of cases is particularly interesting to me and probably a lot of the members, always wondered how to cover up a bare patch on a gold filled case etc. but would probably never be able to do it.  Will stick to tinkering with movements for now.





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