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What can prevent the balance from moving in orient 3stars cal.46943?

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There isn't much information in your question but judging from your previous post, the movement was running before you disassembled it, yes?

There are probably hundreds of reasons why a movement isn't running. I'd suggest you read through this checklist which should help you locate the issue.

A couple things I would check right off the bat:

  • Is the movement taking a wind? As in, if you turn the crown, do you see the ratchet wheel turn and held in tension by the click?
  • Is the balance wheel rotating freely? Give it a gentle puff of air from your blower. It should swing without much resistance.
  • Remove the balance and pallet fork and wind the movement up slightly. You should see the train of wheels spinning freely.
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Hi  In what respect is "not moving"   Is the balance not moving, the train wheels not rotating.    First things first, You have dismantled and cleaned and re assembled the watch, Yes ?  Was the watch working before treatment and not afterwards,  Yes ? If so lets begin by removing the balance and checking the pivots and spring for damage,  then remove power from the watch and remove the fork. Now put two winds on the spring. does the train run down and reverse at the end  or is it stuck ?  if stuck remove the train and check all pivots check mainspring barrel and spring, check the fork pivots are not broken.  The common cause after reassembly is either a particle of dirt/hair in the train and or broken pivots. so when we have determined that they are all intact start  to re assemble the watch from the bottom up checking as you go that all is well.   then report back.

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50 minutes ago, vivat said:

Sorry guys, I'm just a beginner in repairing, so I don't know about it so much as you do. Anyways thanks a lot for your replies! 

Asking questions is fine, we are all here to learn from each other! However when asking a question, make sure to include as much information as possible so the rest of us don’t have to make so many guesses. Explain why you are observing, what you have tried and what you expect. Pictures are also very helpful.

good luck!

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Hi there is no need to apologise we all started somewhere and experience has taught us what we know. But as fellerts explained we need the facts such as they are and in addition a picture or two of the movement helps as when we know who made the movement and it’s calibre number we at times can obtain a tech/sheet in order to help . So please ask all you want we are here to help you as best we can. Unfortunately with Orient technical details are few and far between so not the best starter watch, but don’t let that put you off. Aquatint your self with the parts and part names as it helps when describing problems. I will later post you a document that will help in that respect.      Cheers

Hi Here are the documents. Some of the informatyion will be over your head at the present time but still well worth reading.   cheers

witschi_training_course.pdf TZIllustratedGlossary.pdf

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