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Hook pocket watch mainspring

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4 hours ago, DaveL said:

If the hook doesn’t engage on installation will winding the spring have it slide in to place, stupid question thanks

The probably help to know which type of into talking about has hook is a very specific type and from the image know it would not slide in place if it was that particular one.

The tongue and type the most common type probably out there that will go in place and then typically everything else depending upon how lucky you are that day probably won't. Possibly the hole type may be might perhaps.

Than any of the spring ends that have parts sticking out the sides they typically have to go into the barrel into that exact location and held in place or else when you push them and they will end up in a random location they will never go to wherever there supposed to be.



mainspring end types.JPG

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12 minutes ago, DaveL said:

hole end mainspring Waltham size 6s,Seaside movement 2219 spring 

The hole end Springs by Waltham are a problem if you do not use A original Waltham factory spring. Especially if you have a small size like yours I would definitely try to find an original spring probably off of eBay. I have a picture below the original spring as a little bit of a Bend and a little bit of a file paper. The modern spring is just a square punched hole it's missing the band and it's missing the taper. Typically these will never catch and some of them the square hole isn't even the right size that definitely will not catch. If it's a bigger size spring you can usually file the little bit of the taper part in may be banned just very carefully get a little and maybe it will  catch usually want to catch as it's fine but if it doesn't catch because it's not the right end it will never catch.

waltham hole end.JPG

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  • 1 month later...

I got  another spring the hole was .80mm original spring .90mm I used a superceramc .5mm stone held in a .5 mechanical pencil. Opened up the hole and tapered the end. Hey it worked Many thanks to all and especially to JohnR725

Forgot the stones are available from Gesswein, i’ve been using them in my main hobby, engraving for cleaning up backgrounds and sculpting, very tiny spaces

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2 hours ago, DaveL said:

 another spring the hole was .80mm original spring .90mm

Waltham tends to be the very worst in that the end has to have for ideally should have a little bit of a  bend and definitely the taper. Unfortunately the modern Springs just punch a hole in and don't realize that there were other specifications that whole. I've had some Waltham is where yes the whole is just a little bit too narrow and then that's not the catch no matter what. In a case outstanding that you solve the problem

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