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Caravelle by Bulova Watch UT 6376

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I finished my first (second really) complete disassembly, cleaning, reassembly, and oiling of a mechanical watch last night! The Unitas 6376 movement. In a Caravell pocket watch that was not working but the balance was in perfect shape. A little fumbling around and some minor scratches on a screw or 2, but otherwise pretty decent for a first timer. The other pocket watch I completed a first run on was a Ward Co. with no jewels. Brass plates including a palate for that was not a fork really. 

The Unitas was pretty easy to work on and a great first run at a Swiss movement, I think. Got it pretty close on the adjustment. Need a Weishi so I can get an amplitude reading, I think.901605411_DSCN50482.thumb.JPG.0234b707cfa67ebc7298cf5da2bdb5df.JPG2136971953_DSCN50462.thumb.JPG.95fa13aa0597a77f0a47670369fdebe5.JPG2070725838_DSCN50472.thumb.JPG.29d0e29f84db75bb6a2578dbbd382179.JPG2141061305_DSCN50452.thumb.JPG.c1ad2f3baa5bc739deb2d5daa14eb0f7.JPG

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    • Sometimes you are the windshield! I have been anticipating this lot coming in. No pictures of the movement, but the dial looked good. When it arrived, it was better that I could have imagined! Only missing the seconds  hand, winding stem and crown. But everything else original. I opened the back and was not disappointed...ETA 1256. According the Ranftt, first ETA automatic (Etarotor). As I gazed in wide wonder, I used a piece of pegwood to move the rotor from covering the balance. It was beating and strong!! It stopped shortly after but got it to go again.  Hopefully a servicing will be all this needs...
    • I stumbled upon a really nice technical guide that actually shows the order that parts are reinstalled into the movement.  As a new comer to this hobby, this is a huge benefit to have.  See the PDF for the ETA movement below for what I mean and look on pp's 6 & 7 in the box where it says "Assembling ...." Better Version_Hamilton 742_Dads_ORCO_Watch_936_ETA 963.111, 963.121.pdf Now, with this Seiko technical guide, I don't see anything labeled as such.  Is there a way to read the drawing that will tell me the same thing?  Is it just follow the circled numbers?  I see in the legend on p 2 it says something like that, but just wanted to be certain. Seiko(Seiko5)_7S26A 7S36A.pdf  
    • I think it would be incredibly cool to lathe your own parts.  Unfortunately, I have yet to see one that is inexpensive.
    • Hi Richard  No problem ,  I think as far as lacquer is concerned  best get the ones recommended like Horolacq (cousins). and yes you will need to peg the holes to remove any build up.
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