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Please help identify these "Rolex" movements

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Hello, I am very new to the hobby and have taken apart/put together a few old movements - some more succesfully then others. I came across a pair of, what appear to be identical, movements online and the fact they were only down the road from me meant I couldn't pass them up. I am under no illusion that these are 'Rolex' watches but I would appreciate any help in identifying them. I thought that I might find Rebberg stamped on the FU side but it appears to be plain on both the movements. This is what I have found just taking the dials off.

Dial 1 has "Rolex" and "Swiss Made" on it in a scroll type. Under my eyeglass it looks as if it is part of the dial proper but I can't find any evidence of this ever being done elsewhere. On the back of the dial there is a "ROLEX" stamp (simply the word underlined) and the number 141. The diameter of the dial is 21mm. The FU side has 3889 stamped and no other marks. The FD side has "ROLEX" on the ratchet wheel and "Swiss Made" and a * on the other wheel (name escapes me).

Dial 2 has "ROLEX" on it and nothing else. Under my eyeglass it looks as if it has been added as the lettering is raised. On the back of te dial there is a "ROLEX", stamp which is also underlined, and the number 1060. The diameter of the dial is 21mm. The FU side has 4432 and no other marks. The FD side has "ROLEX" on the ratchet wheel and 'Swiss Made" and a * on the other wheel.

Although there is no allusion to jewels on either movement I can see them under what appear to be screwed down tabs, I have not seen or heard of that before so I don't know if that will help anyone. My suspicion is that the dials are something random that had Rolex added to them at some point (which is why I thought I might find Rebberg on there somewhere) but I was surprised by the Rolex stamp on the back of the dial. It seems over the top somehow? I know the ratchet could have come from anywhere and isn't necessarily original to either movement but it would be nice if they did.

I am hoping to maybe get one working watch out of the two. everything seems complete but movement 1 appears to be water damaged. I can wind movement 2 and can see the wheels turn but no pwer goes to the balance. Both balance wheels osciallate if I give them a blast of air but stop within a few seconds. I just need to find a case to fit one now. I intend to keep the patina as much as possible but try and clear up the numbers a bit on dial 2 as they are much darker than the photo shows.

Hopefully I have done this right and my photos will attach.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.

Dial 1.JPG

Dial 1 reverse.jpg



Dial 2.JPG



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These are quite old movements made by Aegler, who was a major supplier of movements to Rolex and also others. Aegler and Rolex are so tied up together I don't know when they became exclusive to Rolex, but later than these were made. I have a feeling the movements here weren't originally for Rolex though, as they have a low jewel count. But I'm not a Rolex expert. There are numerous Rolex forums where there are folks who know all sorts of arcane details about the company and its movements, quite a rabbit hole.


A couple of interesting articles on the Aegler connection.




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Thanks for the response. From what I have briefly read I was hoping that they would be Aegler movements, which is why I was hoping to see Rebberg on them. The lack of a jewel count I found odd too, as I can at least two that have a screw down face over them and what appears to be the underside of other jewelled pivot holes. I need to dismantle one a bit further to really see whats under there, probably the water damaged one.

What I was surprised by was the Rolex etching/stamp on the back of the dial. I believe the name on the dial is a later addition but putting it on the back seems a bit over the top?

Thanks again for the reply, I will take a deeper look for old Aegler movement information although I think I can only see a serial number rather than a model number.


Just a quick update. I took the water damaged movement apart and can confirm that all parts were there and the train of wheels moved freely and if i blow the pallet fork back and forth the escape wheel moves nicely. I noticed the balance seemed to move a lot and further inspection after removal looks to be a broken jewel rather than adamaged staff. I still found no other markings on the bridges or plates to help with Identity but I did see this on David Boettchers article which matches the keyless works I have


I thought it was broken the way the lever came out to the side but it appears it was meant to do that, something I will need to keep in mind when looking for a case.

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