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Jaeger memovox 8 days desk clock, need help with balance staff!

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I need your help with this clock I bought, the balance staff is broken so I bought a new one and 2 watchmakers have told me it is not the correct staff but the seller insist that this is actually the correct staff. The movement is caliber 219.

When I compare both staff I notice that:

1. The new balance staff seem too fat to be inserted in the balance wheel (1 watchmaker told me that).

2. The new balance staff seem bigger that the old one (another watchmaker told me that).

So I took these pictures to see if you can give your advice.

The second watchmaker told ma that the old staff can be "repaired" by recreating the "end point" and lowering the jewel. I don't know what to think about that alternative.







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I,ll start this off, firstly you could turn the new staff down to fit, secondly yes reforming the end pivot and lowering the jewel is acceptable.
Personally I would like the correct staff to be fitted, i havent my bestfit books with me as they have some small clocks in them and might tell you what staff to use, i know you say you have the correct one, does this mean now that the balance wheel has been changed in the past? hence why your "correct" staff is incorrect.

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Thank you for your comment. I am not aware if the balance wheel has been changed in the past as I bought the clock 1 month ago. I though I did found a complete wheel and staff from a seller on ebay but the staff was broken too so I brought everything to the second watchmaker I mentioned so he could reform the end pivot on the broken staff, or do the same on the new staff. I imagine that profesional tools and skills are required to do that job. I'll visit him on friday to see what he have done.

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To do that work he’ll have a lathe and a good  set of gravers,  and most probably a jeweling tool to lower  the jewel to the correct depth. 
post some pictures when it’s done please, hopefully you’re not charged too much for the work but don’t expect it to be cheap though 

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