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c1970 Smiths (EB8800)


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Hi Guys,

               Just a quick shout out for advice/suggestions, I am very much a newby to watch making and currently completing Marks Level 3 training course, this said, I confidently acquired a vintage Smiths mechanical wind watch, I performed a full strip down, clean and lubrication re-build, new crystal mainspring case polish etc. all sounds good up to now, however, I now find that the watch is erratic on the timegrapher, one minute 20-30 s/d and 1.5 beat error, as soon as you change the crown orientation if goes crazy 100-300 s/d, 9ms beat error, this said, I checked all installed components as free and located correctly and not over lubricated, all seemed OK, but decided to strip it down again to double check (all was good), without the pallet and balance in the watch felt very smooth on turning the crown so the only question is the balance and hairspring at fault? Is it possible for the balance/hairspring to cause these issues? One thing I did notice is that the hair spring seemed a little slower that all my other I initially put this down to it coming up on the timegrapher as a 1800 bph (all my other watches are 21000 or above), also the watch has a tendency to stop but starts again with a little tilt side to side.

Any thoughts guys? Thanks GDub.

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    18000 bph is correct.


20 hours ago, GDub said:

Is it possible for the balance/hairspring to cause these issues? 

 Sticky  hairspring due to contamination or magnetisation, sometimes intermittently which is hard to spot with naked eye, making  a vid of oscilator running helps to spot hairspring issues.




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On 1/17/2023 at 10:47 PM, GDub said:

 as soon as you change the crown orientation if goes crazy 100-300 s/d, 9ms beat error, 

Do you mean ,  when you turn the crown to advance the hands  ? 

Is it pin pallet ? did you oil the escape teeth.


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    • As you are looking for a solution, keep in mind that you can order (or salvage from old crowns) male split stems with different length shoulders - the cylindrical section between the threads and the split coupling. The shortest are less than a millimeter, which gives you another variable to exploit since that would seem to be shorter than what you have in the picture. In their repair kit Benrus sold male split stems in Tap 8 or 10, with shoulders from 0.33-0.085 inches.
    • Nicely done. Looks good. Be cheaper than a bought one. More satisfying as well.
    • Yes well the 6497 spec sheet did mention epilam but I don’t have either the product or the bottle for it.   
    • Hello from Nashville TN!!! I’m new to the watch repair world, but I’m nerdy and loving it! I’m helping a friend out and repairing his old Benrus Square Rigger. Basically the crown was damaged (the internal pipe was bent badly…I tried to straighten it and it broke.) Anyways, I’ve learned a lot about this watch but I need some help  it’s a split stem system and I was able to source the correct stem. What I know so far. It’s a split stem, male side screws into the crown. 5mm crown. Tap 9. 2mm tube on the case. I bought a random lot of vintage crowns and was able to make one of them work. It’s the crown on the left side in the pic. The problem is, I need a gold one! I need to find a crown with a recessed “pipe.” The gold one on the right, that has a flush pipe will not work…regardless of how much you trim the stem. It’s has to be recessed like the steel one. I’m just not sure how to search for that!
    • Yes, it's a problem if you're not familiar with them as a 3rd tier brand with 90% of the cases being monoblock, especially if you get one of their chromed cases with faux joints like you ran across. The Benrus and Belforte watches (1st and 2nd tier) more often than not had some opening instructions stamped on the front loading case.  It is easier to tell when you get one of the Sovereign anodized aluminum one-piece cases, especially in Hot Wheels purple!
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