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Pocket watch ID

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Good evening to all, I just picked up this pocket watch and wanted to learn as much about it as I can. It has a sun, moon and star symbol on the inside of the case. With the initials A.L.D. English make. And the number 34650. The dial doesn't have any identifying marks. The movement says Cyrus G.T. Suisse. There are about 10 different watchmaker service marks on the inside case. It seems to keep pretty good time. Any ideas on general age? I am thinking gifting it to a younger friend and would like to be able to give him some information along with it. Thanks ahead for any help.






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Hi guys, so far in my research it looks like this is an Aaron Lufkin Dennison case and the movement a Gedeon Thommen "Cyrus G.T." the case is the ten year cheaper plating and quite worn great patina though. Anybody have a general age for this watch? My guess is between the twenties and forties. I would love to pass on some of its history. I am trying to grow the interest in all things homology related with some of my younger friends. 

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Thank you sir, It looks like at least the case is older than I thought. 1905 ish. It must have been a much loved time piece as it is well worn. I hope my young friend cherishes it as much as the last owner and slips down that same Rabbit hole of appreciation for these old time keepers.

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