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Omega Speedmaster pre-moon, mystery of the red center hand

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I was recently bequeathed this amazing watch by its original owner. The movement serial number and the date stamp on the original bracelet indicate early 1970 production. Among many outstanding things about this watch, but one that contains a bit of a mystery, is the red center chronograph hand. I have read on other fora that some veteran members have seen this rarely but as something the left the factory that way. I am searching out more information/affirmation as to this being a factory hand.

One thing I can say is that under magnification, it seems as though the type and method of paint application is consistent between the sub-dial hands and the center hand. Both paints appear to have been a relatively thin lacquer that looks like it was applied via dipping or similar method. The red and white paint are both slightly translucent and were probably fairly thin upon application. I say this because the paint is fairly smooth and shiny and ends up thicker along the long axis of the hand along its center and then very thin at the edges. It is hard for me to show this in photos, but here they are. 

Any information or insight is appreciated.





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