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Magnetic Screwdriver Stand

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Hey All,

This might be one of those dumb questions, but wanted to double check! I have a nice, small set of Bergeon screwdrivers that I got as my 'starter set', however they are in a flat packet and I was now looking for one of those rotating stands to make work a little easier. They seem to be tricky to find on their own, but I cam across a few options on amazon for 'magnetic rotating screwdriver holder'. I just had a little concern on the magnetic part. Would this be ok to use or could it magnetise my screwdrivers? Concerned that would be less than ideal....but maybe they're all magnetic and I'm worrying for nothing! Can anyone advise?




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Hi if you are working on watches a magnet is not a good thing to have hanging about, Having a magnetic screwdriver holder is tantamount asking for problems. We demagnetise our tools on a regular basis. There are aluminium holders and plastic holders of various sizes to be had .  Personally I would avoid buying anything like that.  It’s just my opinion others may dissagre

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I use a wooden screwdriver case. Not a fan of either rotating or vertical stands. This is a nine driver case I modified to hold the tenth. Has no magnetic latch.  Quite compact. 

Cousins sells a 100x150 mm ridged rubber mat from India. Quite handy as well (and inexpensive)



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You can get rotating screwdriver stands from watch tool supply companies like Esslinger.  I bought this one for $14, and it works fine, but am looking for a better quality one since I use it every day.


I also  found this one on amazon for $40 that looks promising based on reviews.


Professional Screwdriver Carousel Base 



CasKer has a tool block, along with a selections of sets with carousels.


That ribbed mat would work fine too, but I use that for other tools I need handy like hand levers, pin vices, etc.

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