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Can any kind soul help me identify this movement.

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It has the same keyless works as the 3rd from the left on the uploaded chart
but has a different movement number as the only other markings on it are

Brevets with a swiss cross.

The number 652
( which I think looking at the numbers on the chart which is from 1949 to 59 this might be pre that but of the same family listed there, which due to the similarity in the design of the keyless works seems logical.)
and also on the front the two numbers. 92 and 225.

Think I might have hooked a rare fish here as Vulcain are usually not a cheap brand and it has an inscription on the case back saying it was given to someone as a presentation which means that its usually not cheap.

Also what is odd and of note is that there are 3 smaller bridges, I have not been able to find a picture of another one like it on Google...

So any information gladly recieved and if anyone has a balance for one or one for sale as scrap, I would be very intrested.
Thanks in advance for your time.



Vulcain movement.jpg

did manage to find this that identifies it as a 652. But what I really want to know is are these in house Vulcain movements or made by someone else?


Although mine says 15 jewels on it rather than 16

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Ohh 330 Euros, not bad then seeing as I bought it for a non runner for 30

But thanks for all your help, I think that has cleared that up, but strange that on both of those charts theres everything but, a 65-2


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