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Roller removal tool

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When removing rollers, I've used a cheap version of the Bergeon 2810 Roller Remover (tool on the left in the pic). The edges where about as sharp as a cucumber, so I filed them thinner.

It's worked fine so far. But, I just tried to remove a roller, and the edges can't have been fine enough to get between the roller and staff shoulder - they must have pushed on the balance arms as the rivet broke 😯

I assume with the genuine Bergeon tool, the edges are super fine so as to avoid this ?

I also have another roller removal tool, but the side with the blade fine enough for wristwatches is broken. 

So should I buy the Bergeon 2810, or new blade for the other tool ? - both are exactly the same price!


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37 minutes ago, watchweasol said:

Hi  A member posted about this tool a week or two back and said it did a fair job in removing the roller and the staff so it depends on your own personal choice, and is the tool worth the expenditure and would you get the use out of it and not be another paperweight.

It's hard to tell the scale. Are the slots small enough for small rollers ?

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46 minutes ago, mikepilk said:

It's hard to tell the scale. Are the slots small enough for small rollers ?

I am using it with the rollers for the Seiko 1104a (5 3/4 x 6 3/4 ligne Ladies movement).

No issues replacing rollers, balance staffs etc. 

I don’t yet have a staking set or other roller removers so this tool has been quite useful to me. 

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