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Limit Movement?

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I won a couple of lots and was a £6 add-on. Winding but not running. Limit has a few briefs about their history on their websites but after taking it apart I'm not seeing much about where Limit sourced their Swiss movements except Revue Thommen for pocket watches. This one only has the Swiss Made mark but not many other obvious clues...does the movement look familiar to anyone?

The back was mis threaded so I did the super glued flange nut trick and it worked like a charm. Mainspring is set and I'll set to work on the train tomorrow...





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3 hours ago, nickelsilver said:

This looks to also be a Thommen, imagining it's 10 1/2 or 11"', which it looks like.






Beautiful- thank you! It’s the 10.5’’’. I should have known- it’s right there on Ranfft once you know what to look for… I’m off to the races on this one…

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