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Prototype update on 3D printed watch cleaning baskets

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Hi everyone!

As promised I managed to finish the overworked prototype of the 3D printed watch baskets before christmas!

Here are some pictures so you can see the current build:





And here is a link to the short video explaining everything!


Hope you guys enjoy the design ! There is still room for potential improvement so please leave any questions, comments or suggestions. Always curious to hear from you all!

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Nice work.  What filament did you use?  PLA?

Recently I had to deal with an accident where the aluminum spinner of a L&R Watchmaster cleaner was shattered.  After scratching my head, I came up with a 3D printed piece that retrofit to the undamaged spinner shaft.  Here I show the piece I printed and the finished product.

I was, at first, concerned about the interaction of the L&R solutions and the PLA material.  I did several tests and concluded that there was no chemical reaction with the PLA--happy about that.


2022-12-20 12_26_12-20221215_072701.jpg ‎- Photos.png

2022-12-20 12_25_42-20221215_073150.jpg ‎- Photos.png

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