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Moebius 9010/2ml Did I Get Ripped Off?

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Imagining you are in the U.S., you could have bought it for 28 bucks from a real watch supplier http://www.julesborel.com/products/tools-lubricating-oils/Synt-A-Lube, and I don't think they would charge 40 bucks for shipping.


Even if you ordered from Cousins in the U.K., shipped to the U.S. would probably be less than 67 dollars!


Is it at least in original Moebius packaging?


I've said this before, but do please try to buy parts and supplies from the actual real watch parts and supplies dealers. They are crucial to the repair industry, and there are fewer and fewer all the time. And, you might find that they are actually cheaper than Ebay or Amazon.


Edit- just checked, Borel would be $4.50 for shipping.

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4 hours ago, jrrdw said:

So I got mine from a Amazon seller and was a little over 67 dollars US shipped to my door and is only 2ml's. Esp 05/2028. So, did I get ripped off?

Would have been 36 USD from Otto Frei in the USA including USPS shipping).

From Cousins in the UK it would be 27 USD using untracked mail  or 37 USD using tracked registered Royal Mail. 

Both are reputable and well established suppliers. 

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Don't beat yourself up too bad.  You will find, if you try, you can build a pretty solid relationship with some supply houses.  I started mine while in school and to this day, several years later I try to use the same one if I can.  They have ordered me stuff they don't normally carry and always are fun to learn from!  Its never to late to start forming relationships.

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On 12/19/2022 at 5:51 AM, jrrdw said:

So I got mine from a Amazon seller and was a little over 67 dollars US shipped to my door and is only 2ml's. Esp 05/2028. So, did I get ripped off?

Amazon is a interesting place for buying this stuff sometimes the prices are fantastic and sometimes they're not. Oh and then there is the other little thing sometimes multiple of sellers have it at differing prices. Even a product you previously purchased an Amazon says the replacement cost or order it again is this much you might still do a search and find it cheaper which I often have found.

Or here's some 9010 oil for less than you paid $34 and yes all the rest of 9010 I'm seeing is much much more expensive.





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