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Do you clean and re-apply lubrication after every disassembly?

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Just put together another AS2066 movement. After advancing the hands something didn't feel right so I stripped it down again and re-cleaned and lubricated the sliding pinion on the great wheel. 

This had me thinking, which is dangerous at the best of times. This was in effect a complete strip down of the movement. My leaning is to clean all the parts again and lubricate. Looking at the parts under a microscope,  the bits lubricated with any form of grease appear to have attracted bits of detritus.

Just wondering, if anyone cares, what your normal practice is. For example, if you remove the train wheels or keyless works is it good practice to re-clean and lubricate, leave and apply more lubrication or leave as is and re-assemble? If choosing to add more lubrication without cleaning is there a danger of over lubrication?

That's my thinking done until after Christmas, pass me the Talisker.

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Yes, if it's a proper service job recleaning is really the only way. Contamination is one issue, but also when getting the wheels and such back in place the oil will inevitably get smeared across the jewels, which make a path for it to wick away over the coming weeks. And I know it wasn't mentioned, but Rodico is not for cleaning up oil. The Rodico itself will leave a residue the makes a path for oil creep.

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