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1978 Seiko 5


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Thank you for adding me to the group. 

I am new at all of this and hope to educate myself in time regarding watch repair as a hobby. 

I recently bought a Seiko 5 from EBay. The seller listed it as manufactured in November 1978. On the back plate it’s referenced: 6309-8060

It keeps time very well while I wear it, but power reserve seems to be between  3-4 hours (even if worn all day). Took it off at 10pm last night and movement stopped at 1:10am  

Is this typical of a watch from this era? And if not, what can be done/replaced to help? 


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Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.

We all look forward to your contributions and continued involvement. 

If you wear it in the day time and take it off at night it should still be working the next morning. Numerous things could cause this to not work properly the most common is I expect it needs a good service, which involves taking the complete movement apart cleaning it oiling and greasing and putting it on a watch timing machine. There might also be parts that need replacing but one doesn't know until it is taken apart and a full inspection is carried out. 

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    • Welcome to the forum Randy.
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